50% boost over a week. I actually looked into it the DAY it ran up the first time.

Oh well.

So what's this whole thing with checking a box to sell during extendo hours?

Is there any reason you wouldn't want to sell during that time for a limit sell at a high price?


That is all.


It is getting on it hard af

If the stock price is nice and low, and I put in a buy order, it says i'll get approx X amount of stocks.

Will that actually happen if I press buy?

Or is it that what will happen is I will press buy, the stock opening price might be actually much higher, and I'll receive far less stocks?

If I put in an order on sunday, am I locked in for that amount of stock at that price?

Im thinking a position on the short cap will squeeze the options until the liquidation sets in, and then the straight buy will generate enough open interest to dildolate the entire thing.


Keep your balls intact!


Why hold onto it if its so god awful? Why not dump it?

So I paper handed and had to go in on roblox since it was lower than its open day pricing, and could only go up. It practically shot to the moon the day after the earnings showed up even though they were far below expected, and in negatives. Okay, I don't get that, but whatever, I made out big.

Problem is, I want to go to sleep now. And SPs always jump in the morning then dip as day goes on, in my experience.

So I tried to set up a SL for 71. I figured that's decent. If it makes an unusual morning open decline I get out with the automator, if it rises and I dont wake up in time I cant really lose much.

But when I tried to input SL of 71 it said "This is above the market price for this stock (its sitting at valued 74.5), and it'll execute when market opens".

What gives? I dont understand why the screen shows me valued at 74 per share, but trying to SL says that the value is under 71.