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Good. Burn it to the ground. Shut down every stock market.

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Eccentric billionaire does incomprehensible things for personal benefit. More at 11.

by MrVegan
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There’s a lot of copper, though. What stops runaway printing?

by MrVegan
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You can’t store value you can only cultivate it

Except when a drought kills all your plants. Then you have a STORE OF VALUE (the literal definition of money) in your safe to get you through.

by MrVegan
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Spam me with based companies that don’t discriminate against white men.

Just buy gold and silver instead of wasting your time with the fucking stock market.

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Oh, I was just musing. There’s probably some software that can let you do that, but I don’t know of any.

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Probably. It might make sense to run a tracker that constantly looks for outsized movements (percentage) in stocks of companies in which they have family members...

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Buy what the Federal Reserve and sitting members of Congress are buying. That’s it. Just make the same purchases they do and you’ll literally never lose.


Trade things that would actually matter to healthy industry and commerce, if the economy wasn’t already communistic and totally controlled by government regulation.

by Cuzzo
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The indicator has proven 100% accurate outside of recessions over the last three decades.

Except we’ve been in a recession since 2008.

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I don’t give a shit about your comment history. You are a paid shill for the government. You shill government party lines, you spam things that only paid shills have ever said, you reject objective truth in the face of irrefutable evidence and continue to spam things that your jewish masters told you to say. Your comment history is only proof of a long-standing infiltration campaign where your insidious bullshit seeps into the minds of others.

Answer the single question that I asked or put a bullet in your head.

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Thanks for admitting that I’m right and that you’re a paid shill for the government.

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Not an argument. Answer the question, you fucking leftist coward.

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No one gives a shit what your ZOG emperor says to do. Why should they use a government monitored censorship website?

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Oh, I don’t know about that. Anyone who would loot is going to be given universal basic income before things get worse anyway, so it’s not like they will be starving or unable to afford basic household needs. Meanwhile whites don’t loot or riot, so there shouldn’t be any of that.

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Can it be converted into specie, or into any other coin which can be converted into specie?

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If it’s not perpetually DDoS’d until it’s taken down for good a month later, I will be very disappointed.

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When you have anything resembling an argument, feel free to reply again, coward.

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wanted to copy and paste in case you decide to edit; as you goal-post movers are wont to do...

Burn in hell, you subhuman kike. I don’t edit my posts. You have no fucking idea what you’re talking about.

did i say Trump or trump worshippers?

I couldn’t care less. You’re both traitors. Him for selling his soul and his family to the ZOG; his worshippers for obeying his every word, even when he tells them, outright, to kill themselves. No, I’m not exaggerating, you neocon fuck. Or maybe you think that calling publicly for communism and open borders isn’t calling for his supporters’ suicide.

your anger is misplaced and honestly, rather ignorant.

No one gives a shit what a communist has to say.

lol. like, welcome to basic usage a dictionary. ffs

Yes, you’ve never done so. An argument is not “repelled.” You used the wrong word. Learn from your mistake and move on, yid.

yeh. i read all that data. which you dont seem to understand

Translation: “I don’t understand the data, therefore no one can.”

Thanks for publicly admitting to violating US and international law.

i dont hate the jews, i dont give a fuck. either way.

That’s why you’ve already lost. Not taking a side is taking their side.

what i hate is stupidity.

lol, must really hate yourself.

and i think its why everyone here seems to think, you are reaching for the "king of idiots" title.

Literally no one thinks this. Feel free to commit suicide since you have no argument, no refutation to anything I posted, and can’t do anything but personally attack me.

white genocide brought to you by Trump

Prove the statement wrong, using citations and sources.

my fucking lolkeks; all of them.

Doesn’t look like a source.

you sound like those kids who said that Trump is a dictator who meets other dictators like the 'rocket man'

Those people need to be executed. And so does trump. You don’t have an argument. Reply to what I said or you openly admit I’m right.

yeh. 2+2=5.

Birth rate of 1.2 < birth rate of 3.4

and everyone out in the world is an clueless asshole, EXCEPT YOU.

Project harder, subhuman. You are literally the only one who said this.

naturally, you are immune and ignorant to your own fallacy.

The irony on this paid shill.

pity; its all thats left

Look at the subhuman gloating about white genocide.

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There’s no “retort” (learn what words mean before you use them) because you’re objectively wrong. Your ZOG emperor is shilling this poison like he has been since day one. He doesn’t give a shit about your health. We’ve known since the start that it’s not a vaccine and that it has no effect except to kill healthy people; he shills it anyway.

Nice pivot after being blown the fuck out by invoking freemasonry, retard. Did you think no one would notice?

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oy vey my literal jewish puppet ZOG emperor is making the organization that was created by jews upset! because I say so! therefore he’s somehow not a traitor despite worshipping foreigners and only working to harm native Americans!

Fuck off, idiot. Your god is a traitor to the United States.

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Do you know why this site got started?

Because a bunch of leftists whined like toddlers and refused to fight for something they created, thus running away without a fight?

Once you realize that, I think more of everything else will make sense for you.

I literally do not care at all. Your ZOG emperor is an admitted traitor to the republic.

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TMTG will be the sole platform and social media for Trump 2024

Does that mean we can finally ban all Trump worshippers from our site and never have to see their paid shilling ever again?

thanks to ol' Barry, domestic propaganda is legal.

And here you are cheering on a ZOGbot doing it himself...

just dont fucking participate with these libnazi-s anymore.

Translation: “I am brainwashed into thinking my friends are my enemies.”

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the crash [is happening]/[will happen within {time period}]/etc.

A priori false and not worth listening to.

[I will take physical possession of all specie related to the new cryptocurrency I am creating and you won’t have any of it]


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