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You aren't very bad at reading comprehension. You are projecting, you are gas lighting... But you'revalso a bigot, so I don't expect much from you.

In order for something to be an opposite it must be related.... Hunger is the opposite of fed. Both are related to a single thing, satiation.

You can't say "no you aren't canadian. You are jewish" as opposites as one had nothing to do with the other.

You could say (nations) "you're not a canadian you're british"

The poster's passport would say "state department of canada" or what ever Yall's passports say.

As such, he is limited by canadian laws. Once again, jewish is not the opposite of canadian as they aren't relational.

It is ok if you are confused, it is your bigotry that gas lights you.

So, you can down vote or what ever predictably immature thing tour ego will retaliate with. People like you always retaliate.

I'll leave you to it.

And bonus in won't read nor reply to anything else you have to say cus...well... bigots are boring.

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You in your statement "you're jewish not canadian."

You are asserting one had to do with the other.

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  1. Nationality not the same as ethnicity
  2. Every ethnicity has elites
  3. The elites are who you are made at, not a joe schmoe like him

Get a grip.

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???? I put green-backs into the dips Then It dips, I dip, we dip

Make hedgefundies lose their shit Then They shit, gme flies, we hodl

You put your... I put my.. And we'll ride gme to the pale moonlight

(...ok who knows the tune that's based from. Come on 90s folks...)

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I hear for a good time the number is 8675309.

Surely you didn't mean 500 dollars.

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Prob cuz more tards will jump on the train and buy GME....kinda like what happened the last time MSM blasted about it.

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Apparently I got down voted for asking who/L is....soooo does that mean those folks Like L?

Thanks, Pennystock, for an actual answer!

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...tesla did it. And....data isn't physical. You think the NYSE keeps servers on site?

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Hmm. The irony if they were to move to a red state. Hell...if she moved it to Texas that state would be quite formidable.

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Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh yeeessssss

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...that still doesn't make sense. It isn't as if you pay for sticks with your job.

Unless the are talking about the hedge fund employed but I don't mcdonald's twit person is based.

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....wow. Ive seen this meme lord knows how many times and I'm just now noticing how small Leo's hands are.

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