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People are tired of the censorship, and there are far more engaging platforms available. The user count of Fakebook has stagnated and declined over the past five years. The rebranding of the company shows that the executives of the company are not confident in the image they have cultivated for their company over the past ten years. This creates uncertainty with even the most stalwart of investors, hence the decline in stock value.

When Truth Social, and Revolution Populi both come online, Fakebook, Twitter, and YouTube will be obsolete dinosaurs destined to become fossils. Their fall from gianthood will be of their own making. Had they embraced free and open commerce and communication across the entire political spectrum, they would have continued to grow for many decades to come. Get Woke; Go Broke. This saying isn't just a clever tagline. It is the truth.

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The only way Truth Social becomes a successful competitor to the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Google is if they decentralize themselves. I view any centralized media / social media as an enemy of the people. Should Truth Social adopt the old guard model of centralized user data, I will not be using their product, and I will advocate strongly against its use by any patriot.

I do believe there is a strong possibility of Truth Social becoming a decentralized app running on RVP's blockchain. Trump did tap Gelernter for his science adviser at one point.

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RVP shouldn't even be on sale right now. The only reason why the devs are allowing for uniswap transactions on the token is because they want a fair distribution of the tokens for those who missed out on the auction house bids.

Investing in RVP is a long term hold, not a swing trade. Buy a large bag of RVP (100,000 - 500,000) and eat the gas fees. Its a drop in the bucket compared to what you'll make with this project if you hold for the next 18 months.

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Thank me in 18 months.

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The best thing you can do is to begin researching the top 100 cryptocurrencies.

Study their history, study the teams behind them, study what these projects aimed to accomplish, and how they gained their success.

Realize that it can take up to four years for a cryptocurrency project to get off of the ground.

Understand your risk margin. Certain cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance can be considered safe investments, but ultimately not as lucrative anymore due to their limited growth potential compared to altcoins that are just getting started.

I cannot stress enough the importance of researching every project you invest in. DO NOT invest in hype. This is a good way to lose your money. Many of the hype coins are what can be called "shitcoins." They have no project behind them, they have no goals ahead of them, and they have no purpose in the marketspace aside from being get rich quick schemes. When the hype dies down, these coins will all bite the dust.

Look for coins with good fundamentals. Look for coins that aim to actually innovate in the crypto space. A good example of this is the coin Revolution Populi. They are aiming to create a cryptocurrency clearing house in support of a decentralized layer-1 blockchain for decentralized applications like social media sites. Coins like RVP have a purpose behind them, and excellent use cases.

A great site to begin your research into crypto projects is coinmarketcap.com. This site lists nearly every cryptocurrency in existence, as well as the fundamentals and market information on these coins. Your best strategy will ultimately be to buy and hold. Find a crypto project with strong fundamentals, do your due diligence and research, and only then should you invest, and invest ONLY what you can comfortably lose.

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HORRIBLE advice.

If you follow the hype, you will follow it off a cliff.

by Qanaut
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Never keep your crypto on an exchange.

Always offload it into a cold storage hardware wallet.

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My plays are in GME shares and RVP tokens.

While the market crashes, I'll be swinging high on the vines.

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I wonder how long a Hedge Fund manager could tread water?

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Y'all still have money left?

I yolo'd every spare penny I had into GME and crypto.

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I agree that it will be hugely unpopular with the Global Cabal. The team of people behind this is what gives me hope that this will not simply be snuffed out and buried six feet under.

From their website, we've got:

Dr. David Gelernter Chief Visionary Officer A seminal figure in distributed and parallel computing and a Professor of Computer Science at Yale University –

**Rob Rosenthal Chief Executive Officer A 19 year veteran of Goldman Sachs who led design and implementation for complex trading technologies across global financial products –

Dr. Paolo Coppola Co-Founder Entrepreneur, physician, engineer, and Academy Award winning film producer, who co-founded STAT-Health Urgent Care systems –

Todd Aydelotte Co-Founder One of the nation’s leading technology marketers who has managed global campaigns for an array of premiere brands –

Gary Chan Managing Director JP Morgan - Clearing House Advisor Gary is Global Head of Operations and CEO of Digital & Platform Services at JP Morgan. Gary also serves JP as a senior blockchain advisor for initiatives such as intra-day repo settlements and CBDCs. –

As someone on the Discord chat put it; you don't assemble the avengers to get a kitten out of a tree. We can be certain of one thing with this project, these founders are serious about what they intend. They have reached that point in their life where they each could retire quietly to a tropical island and live the rest of their lives in peace and quiet. That they have decided to each stake millions of dollars on this project tells me that they are not joking around.

Also, some have voiced concerns regarding Gary Chan's dealings with JP Morgan, or Rob Rosenthal's wok with Goldman Sachs, but I see this as a positive sign. If Revolution Populi can manage to execute their vision of a decentralized social network, while also building a bridge between crypto currencies and traditional banking, they may take a lot of the heat off of them that otherwise would have been there. If RVP manages to partner with either Goldman Sachs, or JP Morgan, that will be a very big deal. One of the goals of RVP is to build a crypto clearing house, so this could be a very real possibility; one that would lend RVP great credibility in the market.

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At this point, there is no need for a forum regarding GME. The game is simple. Buy. Hodl. Wait for MOASS.

Its so simple, even a crayon eating Ape could do it.

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There are only two things you need to understand about GME.

  1. How to buy it.

  2. How to hold it.

The former is a matter of basic computer skills, while the later is the much more difficult skill of patience.

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When I hear what you're saying, it's not really you speaking.

So who do YOU speak for? While it is possible you are merely a manically depressed citizen suffering from financial Stockholm Syndrome, a more apt descriptor might be a paid shill spreading FUD for the Wallstreet Hedge Funds. I hear FUD spreading is a lucrative employment opportunity these days.

Until then, they're in charge, and you're a fucking fool betting against the house.

It costs me absolutely nothing to hold onto my GME. Pity the same cannot be said for the Hedge Funds holding their naked shorted positions.

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Correction: The entire float of GME and its associated derivatives SHOULD be belly-button lint.

The game has absolutely been rigged for the past forty plus years. Until now, the Hedge Funds have been playing a game they invented, wrote the rules for, rigged in their favor, and in such a way that the house always wins. But like a bug in a computer program, they didn't think of everything. Their pride, vanity, and self assurance blinded them to the one variable that will inevitably bring them down. They never counted on retail investors wising up and learning the rules to the game.

In 2011, following the financial crash of 2008, people knew something was wrong with the system. The result of this realization was the futile occupy wall street movement that ultimately led nowhere when people got bored of holding signs and sleeping outside.

Fast forward to 2019 and the perfect storm began to brew. COVID-19 shut down the government leading to thousands of businesses closing down, many of which went bankrupt. The Hedge Funds, seeing the perfect opportunity for some easy profits, began a crusade of naked shorting across the market on businesses they were absolutely sure would go bankrupt. Many of these businesses, like Game Stop were already on death's bed even before the pandemic. There was no way these businesses would be able to survive the pandemic when nobody could show up to buy anything, right?

WRONG. Something else happened during the pandemic that would spell doom for these same Hedge Funds. The people, stuck at home and out of work, were presented with relief checks worth thousands of dollars. Sure, many people spent these wisely on food and other necessities. But a niche group of bored gamers did not. A small group of crazy ape brained gamblers learned just enough about the market to understand what the Hedge Funds were up to and decided to spend their relief money and tax breaks on joining the game and reversing the damage these Hedge Funds did to their nostalgic company. This is a generation that already witnessed Blockbuster, and Toys R Us go bust, and had no intentions of waiting idlily by while another of their favorite companies went out of business, especially at the hands of Wallstreet.

What started as a joke became a movement. Apes Together Strong is not a simple catch phrase, it is the truth of the game that Wallstreet and the Hedge Funds designed. They never imagined in their wildest dreams that retail would have enough courage and brains (or lack thereof) to actually have any significant impact on their rigged game. The Hedge Funds thought that GME was easy money, and they were right to think so. It had worked for them for forty years, why the hell shouldn't it work this time?

Enter PRIDE. Because of the Hedge Funds pride, they did not content themselves with a risk assessed naked short position with GME. They bet the house against GME because they had no reason to believe that they would ever in any reality lose the game. They own the damn casino after all, right? Rather than merely betting half the float against GME's survival, they bet the float three or four times over upwards of 300% - 400%. This was all supposed to be over for them in December. As COVID-19 continued to wreak havoc on retail stores, the Hedge Funds were expecting their massive payday to arrive any day.

But it never came. The Ape community stood in their way. In order to win at the Hedge Fund's own game, the only thing the Ape community had to do was ensure that Game Stop did not go bankrupt. The payday that the Hedge Funds were expecting would only come under the condition that Game Stop went bankrupt, so as to cancel any outstanding naked shorted shares they would have had to pay back. For six months the Ape community poured money into Game Stop and saw its revival in real time. They have a new president, new management, no outstanding debt, and a billion dollars of capital to their name. There is even rumor that they will partner with Microsoft and enter the crypto currency market. Game Stop is now effectively a start up company with a billion dollars of capital. Short of deliberate illegal corporate sabotage, nothing can stand in the way of Game Stop's success.

The Hedge Funds, against all odds, lost at their own game. They are now hemorrhaging money as they try desperately to stay afloat. But what happens if the Hedge Funds cannot stay afloat? What happens to all of those outstanding counterfeit shares they have not payed back? They do not simply vanish when the Hedge Funds go under. THE SHORTS MUST COVER is not a meme. It is a FACT. If these short positions are not covered, it will result in the complete demoralization and loss of faith in the stock market, and not simply from investors based in the United States. This movement is now global. If the shorts are not covered, our market will forever be looked upon as too risky to invest in. It would be the of the entire game as we know it. This is where Citadel Securities, DTCC, and the Federal Reserve enter the picture. It is in their best interest to allow these Hedge Funds to go under, and allow the Apes to win their victory and take home their money. Like the owner of a casino, it is better for them to empty their coffers, change the rules, and preserve the house than for the house to forever after be empty of investors and their money.

You see, it is a house of cards. The entire market has been a paper thin illusion this entire time. All we needed was the perfect storm to arrive, a couple dozen proud and imbecilic hedge funds, and a few million bored gamers with too much money.

I don't fault you for not understanding what is at play in this situation. Few can understand it, let alone have the courage to join the fight. You are from a different generation. Your generation lost hope and decided that doing nothing was the best course of action, because after all, what can you do when the casino always wins? The answer most were looking for was to lobby congress to change the rules. What your generation never considered was the possibility that you could win their game and take the house's entire stockpile of money by simply playing their game better than they do.

You'll see in time. Until then, enjoy the show!

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Why would the Cabal advertise the powder keg that would blow up their river of milk and honey? GME has the potential to bring down the entire house of cards if Apes and Anons hold on to their shares for long enough.

The only stock I see the Cabal and MSM advertising is AMC. I haven't seen any news segments covering GME yet. They never even mention it.

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Next week = Russel 1000.

GME will be joining the likes of Apple and Tesla in the ETF offerings. Much harder to short those ETFs.

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The volume of shares is directly connected to the squeeze potential of a stock.

The volume of a stock is the amount that is in trade on any given day.

AMC has an average volume of 150 million shares, whereas GME has an average of 10.16 million shares. That is a difference of 1500% in volume. This is important when it comes to the Hedge Funds being able to cover their short positions. With 150 million shares in circulation, the Hedge Funds have much more headroom to work with AMC to prevent a short squeeze from happening.

The 10 million average trading volume of GME, coupled with the DDs suggesting that retail owns the float (majority of legitimate circulated shares), is indicative of a much higher squeeze potential for GME. When the shorts are forced to cover, they will have nowhere else to go but to retail investors who can set their price. This is why GME has a theoretical ceiling of infinity. There very well may be one retail investor who gets lucky and ends up selling a single share in the amount of a trillion dollars if they manage to diamond hand all the way to the peak of this mother of all short squeezes.

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Better hope you can cash out at the right time. I think a lot of AMC investors are going to become bag holders in the not too distant future.

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Ask yourself this: Why would the MSM push AMC, but not GME?

Something smells extremely foul. I believe AMC is being hyped up in order to either create bag-holders, or divert attention away from GME. In the past few weeks the MSM has been running more and more stories about the short sold stocks, but they always omit GME from the discussion. Its the elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about. That they are willing to give so much airtime to AMC tells you all you need to know about what is about to happen.

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Why not call up the Federal Reserve and hire one of their bankers to be your wife's new boyfriend? You seem to enjoy being fucked over by them. Why not add cuckolding to the mix?

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The first lesson of Wall Street and Cryptos: Its all a casino.

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