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No shit Sherlock, so was the original post.

You read the original, found a similar since by now it is everywhere and then did exactly what I said.

Or did the original just magically have 12 down votes appear all at once at the same time you upvoted your own into hot ?

But hey... you can still tell us all again about how you got into BTC 2 years before BTC existed.

You do not seem to be good for anything but a laugh... but you are to slow to realize you are the joke.

Unlike you and yours, my time is valuable so I'm done with you after this post.

I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

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My God you are a pathetic joke.

You know absolutely nothing so you copy a post made hours before this and you bot vote the original into oblivion and upvote your copy onto the hot page.

And you are actually so stupid that you think anyone believes you.

It's really sad to know people like you use up valuable oxygen.

And it's really very scary to think that you may actually reproduce some day.

Of course if you do it will have to be with your blind mentally handicapped sister as that is the only one that would let a thing like you near.

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Yeah after hours can be fun. A lot more volatile on a regular basis.

I use one broker that locks me out of after and pre, and another broker that allows me to play after and pre.

I'm pretty evenly split with $GME between the 2

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Post back what you find out.

I'd be interested to see if they really can override it manually... or if they will...

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The buttons actually say $GME or $GME, or $GME

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Call them and ask if they can manually enter it for you.

I heard some claim it worked for them.

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Wow... no shit... I just looked.

I rode it from 02 to 06 and bailed and then it dropped like a rock so I haven't looked since.

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Of course it is... that is why you pop in here to tell everyone how great you are and spam your site, but you have yet to post 1 single useful bit of information or attempt to give an actual answer to even 1 single noob.

Because you know nothing.

And it must be a really full room with all your shill accounts... but then you get lonely and come back here to play your games again.

Even noobs can see how pathetic you are.

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Basically they are bleeding cash daily now and digging their hole deeper as they do... We are in a game of chicken right now... them bleeding cash to drop the price vs us not turning to paperhands and continuing to HODL.

Once the first hedgie (there are numerous involved) scrambles to cover then it turns into a game of dominoes because once one scrambles they will fall like dominoes in a race to cover.

Then their computers will be set to buy regardless of price and they will start at the bottom available and work up. The computers won't see price, they will only see next available to scoop up... from the bottom upwards.

They might toss a few small hedgies under the bus to create a fake or baby squeeze to get some paperhands before that... so noobs need to be aware of that.

But the real squeeze will last days, not minutes or hours... and it will happen when it happens.

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Datefagging is bad... it causes paperhands (not you) to get disappointed and bail.

The board meeting and vote is 6/9 if I remember right, and the share report date people have put at 4/20... but brokers say it's 4/15

That's where the 6/9 - 4/20 meme came from.

If everyone contacts their broker and recalls their shares (if lent out) then those dates could be a catalyst... emphasis on "could"

But nothing has changed on our end... it is still: it will happen when it happens, buy the dips and HODL, and no day trading.

I'll write up some squeeze info and post it latter this afternoon if I get time. Otherwise might be this evening.

It sux that the mods bailed from here, I wish I could type it all out for noobs and others and get it stickied

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Keep the down votes coming L oser

You are too stupid to realize it but that will make the noobs catch on to your vote bot all the sooner

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Yes... HODL and buy the dips and no day trading.

They can delay what's coming but they dig their own grave deeper by doing it. They can delay but they can't escape.

And to L oser. Thanks for all the downvotes. You are too stupid to realize it but the noobs will catch on to your vote bot all the quicker now.

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Noobs will catch on soon enough what he is...

Doesn't matter who he claims to be... even noobs will see his fuck ups eventually.

My favorite is still from a couple of months ago when he was bragging on and on about the date he got into BTC.

To bad for him the date he was bragging about was 2 years before BTC existed.

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Day trading is buying dips, selling higher, buying dips.

Even 1 share of day trading hurts us and gives them liquidity to kick the can down the road.

Buying fractional and HODL it is not day trading

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They are buying blocks OTC dark pool and then shifting amongst themselves on market to go sideways and slowly down.

I already filed a complaint for securities manipulation against them with the (corrupt) SEC


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A MSM story who's only named source is a story that was run by another MSM outlet.

I'll hang onto mine and make bank...

Not buying any more like with $GME... But not selling