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Thanks! Thats what I thought- worth a try and learn some things along the way.

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For sure! Heres what I did..

  1. Created MetaMask wallet (pretty simple- you could also use coinbase wallet)
  2. Added ETH to it (you can buy directly or transfer from another wallet - this was pretty expensive because of gas fees)
  3. I connected the wallet to Opensea (click sign up and follow prompts)
  4. Uploaded artwork
  5. Paid one time fee to mint the artwork (this costs at least $250- but is the only cost)
  6. Added title/descriptions/cost/royalties to artwork
  7. Clicked "Sell"

At this point I need to market the artwork but without a built in base- this is most likely the most difficult part.

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Ok so i tried it- i made some with my kids art. It wasn't that difficult of a process. I doubt I will sell one tho. https://opensea.io/collection/crypto-kid-superheroes