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except now it looks like. they either simply dont pay or kill those that make a stink about not being paid (from squeezes)

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GME turned a profit. so theres some hype running.

i have it all in my name. purple ring et al

i forget i own it. never selling

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  • didnt need the money
  • got in my name
  • twas to send a message
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lol. i love this new (old) tactic of simply not fulfilling orders.

its one-half smash and grab but also other half of take the money and run.

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we also assume any fucking one of them actually abide by any rules.

its a big circle jerk where they either all just dont pay up on what they owe

or cry to their governement for easement.

that fuckstick stole all that crypto money and donated it to dems

and now has stanford professors backing his fucking bail.

it ends with bullets.

nobody wants to admit it.