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for me its about storing hydrogen.

its actually simple to do, but not cost effective for residential homes.. yet

i would argue, that the material scientists at GKN have made a simple and cost-effective way
to store the hydrogen in a sintered powder disc made of iron and titanium in a matrix.

tho it seems GKN plc (GKNL/GKNLY) has been delisted according to my webull search

oddly enough. the two countries with abundant iron and titanium is chyna und russia

i started looking at them a while back but really it comes down to who can make
the tanks easily and move them, as such.

so then those that want a giant tank of iron-titanium powder, would need to move
several thousand kilograms of mass to and from the storage site.

so then its back to the welding supplier groups etc. as they already do so.

i dont care who makes them, ostensibly, i just want them available at local stores.

home depot, lowes, walmart, et al

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After your shares are gone from your acc,you go to computershare and open an acc.

im not saying i dont believe you.

im saying that process there sounds really shakey.

i would feel more comfortable if my account existed at computershare first.

why do i have to push ? it seems odd to me, is all.

will look more into it.

thanks for the reply

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Anybody have any thoughts?


i read a lot of tech journals and am in those circles.

there is a HUGE and yet secret push to go into hydrogen production.

solid oxide hydrogen storage etc etc.

i believe i will live long enough to see most developed societies run residential
power by a hybridized solar-hydrogen system. its also makes clean water.

energy. its generation, storage and distribution, in my opinion, is a future to hedge

i believe toyota will usher in a hydrogen age for japan. and then chyna will follow.

then the rest of asia etc etc.

i am looking to retire to the south pacific.

a solar hydrogen barge/boat means i can always trade fresh water for food.

i digress

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i viewed some of their services and capabilities...

can you run me/us through some of the services you use ?

presumably, i give them some info and they are able to transfer
my stocks into a new owner/listing...

do i need to make an account to keep track of things?

thanks for the help and insight

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ol' boy, co-founder, claimed he was brazillian (mostly true) and denounced US-citizenry before the IPO went public.

i think he is a dual citizen in singapore now, where likely, his investment is now x10 (x20?) by not dealing with a US-rigged system.

cashed out of the bullshit and never looked back.

bro is my HERO

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i can feel this sentiment locally.

all i see are 'help wanted' and 'need workers' sign everywhere around here.

similary to why suddenly walmart 'cares' about their workers getting into college.

there is a very distinct sense of asceticism and dare i say coptisim out there; i think its great.

conversely, i feel this nonsense will continue as long as 'they' want to milk it.

all the way up to the 2024 US elections, i fear

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heres some tips...

i have mutliple cars, they are 'owned' by my LLC out of montana.

the only thing on file at that LLC could show points to me, is an address

that address is a rental of mine, in another state. that mail is forwarded to me via my renters, at my cost.

if i were not lazy, i would slowly move most of my things into a private holding or delist my name on assets, into private holdings.

if some entity were to go and look to try to 'seize' my things. they would find my name on very few things.

honestly, we cant go crypto, fast enough. fuck all these clowns.


one wonders how one of the co-founders of facebook was able to shaft the IRS out of about 700millionUSD...

the other method would likely be to cash out most of it, and put it with someone you trust but unrelated to you...

in another country

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while true, i would also argue that gold can be taken from you.

while crypto can be more easily moved and stored.

i iike gold. i like crypto.

this is not financial advice.

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i would venture to guess that the people that could leave ny and ca have done so.

but really, people on the west coast are still trying to get out of their blue cities,

just more slowly now

but thanks to them, i profited x4 the amount i normally would have, for my properties

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currency diversity; why would chyna care so much that they like to make gold-plated copper bricks that happen to look exactly like the ones that australia sells.

while i understand pursuing the profit margin of selling copper at gold prices.

why would anyone try to limit how much gold is out in circulation.

so odd...

you can have money so long as its the one i control

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Unpopular Opinion: the kids in chyna have nothing to look forward

hence there are camps (in south korea as well) to help kids get over gaming addiction

theres an underlying notion already permeating in these cultures;

these kids are not looking forward to being wage-slaves for the rest of their lives

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hang in there my ape.

when you describe yourself; all i see is a free human.

untethered and awake

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manufactured fuckery is always meant to distract from actual fuckery

its like:

tHe PipELiNe shOUldD be SHUTDOWN

" *actually its already 90% complete or so and has been that way for a while..."

WAIT. WUT!??!?!

clown world

by ribble
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this is sort of an old game, imo.

the only difference now is, the ability to manipulate entire swaths of populations, digitally.

but that double-edge sword says, many people, were not suscpetible to those machinations;

contrarily, they are all actually actively trying to subvert those narratives.

the world is globalizing, yes.

just not in the way those currently on top or in control, wish.

why else would those with server tech and high-traffic access,

be so goddamned willing to be your 'payment system' ?

apple pay, google pay. paypal ... square, venmo

the list is starting to become endless.

they all see the inevitable technocracy, regarding money.

and presumably, in an ideal world. it will raise the level of the poorest,

into 1st world eras.

imagine if the people actually making your mobile phones, got paid to make it

and not some slave wage to work at a sweat shop...

parity and prosperity; it will shake up the whole world.

you can be sure the actual slavers of the world; tim cook, jeff bezos et al

will not go down without a fight.

by ribble
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yes, YES!

please, finra/sec/HF; create a situation where i have nothing left to lose...

create it where millions of us, have nothing left to lose.

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if the money gets really real, i plan to live off-grid

in the most ostentatious manner possible

all while live-streaming and broadcasting from my own servers

whilst inviting every other freedom-loving human to do the same.

take your money. cash out. check out of society.

leave them nothing.

telling and teaching a future generation to not participate in all that bullshit

is the silver bullet

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heart disease, cancers, common flu;

NO ONE died of these things, entirely, for all of 2020, im told...

its all "covid and covid-related *complications"

its why its a still a big fucking joke

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what they want, ultimately, if for everyone to forget GME exists

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