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Fight through K-12 hate lessons, mandatory #experimentalvaccination, A+s only for the woke box checkers, but nothing and I mean nothing removes the stain of being a straight white or Asian male. #ScarletLetter -M.J. Burry

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the reason the writer states is the same reason Martha Stewart went to jail...

and should be the basis for why nancy pelosi and her husband should be in jail

i digress

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i have numbers i like. im already into it for what i was willing to risk.

i just want a few moar to round out some numbers.

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islands in the philippines.

also, agree to your sentiment, but i want people to stop burning.

my notion is in wont to address the idea of having self-sourced and self-governed
energy in order to do work for a peoples to garner their own metals and resources.

presumably, if islands could dredge, they could mine the ocean for minerals etc

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could an island of say, a few million people, in the pacific, have access to their own thorium?

my issue there is also about access. deuterium and hydronium are accessible.

i dont want a future where people have to 'import' energy.

i would never argue against thorium based reactors as a technology.

its the control aspect of its fuel and the processing, therein

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US has the largest stock of thorium, im told.

i want something based on deuterium due to its abundance, ease of handling and processing, etc.

the further down the table of elements, one goes, the harder to control the extra/free/radical particles.

ostensibly, everything is 'feasible' with enough money.

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lol, i HODL so im helping all my frens out. ape help ape

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or we stop fucking around and build solar stirling, compound parabolic concentrators backed by a nuclear/compact fusion grid.

all known-good, easy to distribute tech. theres no research to be done. they all, already exist.

the moment people become energy independant, on a local level

and then we have our own money (crypto, what have you)

then governments as we know it, cease to exist.

as well as banks and most other systems.

its why theres so much fear mongering with all these things.

0bama was worried about a tsunami striking georgia; as to why they stopped making the new nuclear power plant...

the first new energy in decades...

a tsunami... in georgia...


as much as i had love for my orange man in 2016;

he didnt do much in the way of making new energy plants either...

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im into it for tens of thousands and im still up 10k+...

i know money is tough right now for a lot of folks.

all i can say is HODL

and at the end of the day, rather than buy a new car...

i RISKED all of that money, to try to win 'a' lottery, of sorts.

if the price was manipulated to 0, i would be OK still...

it was the money i set aside to place the bets, i placed.

the rise and fall of its volatility is meant to scare you off and not HODL

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president of el salvador, a young-ish patriot. has chosen a form of crypto as the country's money.

since they were paying billions in fees to deal with other systems.

and they have geothermal power from volcanoes to make crypto, "green"

so the narrative that it contributes to global warming [oh noes! the polar bears] is moot

the world is moving away from world banks and banking systems

and thereby is moving away from paying governments, their taxes.

apes have staged a coup on the world.

its coming to fruition

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they probably rounded up all the accounts with ages that seemed to them could be marked for harassment.

it is as you say, "fuck with you cus you are young..."

dont worry my ape fren.

i will HODL until i die; i swear to you

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its why the use of the geothermal power plant in el salvador is such a brilliant PR move

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crypto and their backers will be likened to ghana to china during the pinnacle of silk road

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thanks, i wasnt aware of how it worked.

im convinced i should HODL and buy more when i can

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my sentiment is that greatness often comes when goodly people react to the clown world. and for a brief moment... someone rises above

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i would argue, that the reason people were willing to leave their respective countries
and strike out to new places, was cus their old world and culture was indeed full of clowns...

especially back then. people were wiling to get on a boat to who the fuck knows where and find a new place to start.

i would argue that was peak clown world.

further, if you were, say european during the second world war, and watched the rise
of hitler and his antics. i would argue that was very much clown world for you

to reiterate. its always been a clown world. we just have better and up-to-date record-keeping now.

recall, that one of the earliest records of commerce and transaction from sumeria? was a
clay tablet receipt from a buyer, complaining to the seller that their shipment was delayed
and it incurred losses to the buyer, even tho it wasnt their fault due to a small skirmish of
warlords that blocked the trade route. all in cuneiform, of course...

im told Jesus went about healing people on sunday and then was charged with working on the 'sabbath'

clown world since... forever

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honestly, its been clown world since.. forever.

only now we have the internet to share its bullshit and document it in HD

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you are lehman brothers

nah fam. not true.

if that is the case, im hurt the money i was willing to risk

how am i overleveraged in this game?

my investments go to zero, i say, 'oh well'.

i dont owe, anyone anything. i simply lost the attempt at gains.

you see, i play with money i have.

i didnt borrow it and hope someone will lose and i win off of the gamble.

everything in this gamble says, i play with real money

and someone im playing against, played with SOMEONE ELSE'S MONEY.

i agree lehman bros isnt a hedge fund.

but they, like everyone else. make bets with money they dont have.

any ape here, who spends a few hundred bucks to own a share or two

is not any way, 'overleveraged' like lehman bros.

if GME goes to zero. i lose a few thousand dollars.

im not having to file bankruptcy and sell my entire set of assets to cover shit bets with money i never had...

but i mean sure. "im lehman bros"


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imo, the market is showing that people are finally fleeing the cities.

its detroit again and again.

the amount of new license plates i see here, from california and washington...

its funny, when i sold my house. of the thirteen or so bidders...

only 2 had actually sold their homes and were ready to move.

the rest were from out of state, hoping i would wait till they sold their homes

to get into mine... the two actually bidders, gave me six figures over asking...

hope that helps.

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man. i guess Lehman Brothers were just faking it all this time, then...

seeing, as you say, they were SO well prepared for their 'bets'...

they are SO prepared, in fact, that they spend time and money on MSM

convincing myself and other apes to NOT buy AMC/GME and others...

cus 'its not a game. its serious'

lol. but hey. im just here warming up my crayons for dinner.

what do i know?

i buy. i hold.

somehow that simple act pisses off a whole fuckton of people...

i wonder why

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you have to buy it before you can sell it

oh thats interesting, cus here i thought one couldnt sell more than the 100% they 'owned' either, but here we are...

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