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i can afford to roll up 10k$ into a cigar and smoke it.

its about sending a message

many of you apes out there are worried about this and i can relate.

just DRS and dont fucking look back.

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how much did blackrock 'write down' cus apes kept buying crayons?

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most people can already buy their chinese shit from an online retailer.

then they pissed off, likely, more than half their customer base by attacking conservatards.

and its not like they have rabbid supporters likened to 'gamers'.

it will die.

having 'new members' per day is like twittertards saying they have 'millions of followers'

sure they do. SUUUUUUUURE THEY DO...

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how dare you drop the bag and reveal to the world that we laundered money through you! (and make us look bad) -Democrats

he wouldnt be arrested if he didnt simply use other people's money.

there are no 'crypto-billionaires'

really just successful thieves.

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its hard for me to correlate now that its split and diluted my shares; share price by share price

i rarely check. presumably im still up a few thousand from my original position.

but i didnt buy-in cus i needed money.

i bought-in cus i was told NOT to do it by nearly every investor-with-a-bull-horn.

and so then i realized, they need it to fail.

so then if i didnt need money and it goes to zero and i still wont give up my positions.

then what?

thats what im waiting on cus again, i didnt need the money.

but these billionaires and millionaires sure did take A LOT of time to
make sure i didnt think GME was a good investment...

that was a long-winded write-up to say

risk what you are willing to lose

my motivation was entirely political. not financial.

also. realize what it takes to get it in your name via DRS.

i was never in this to win big.

i wanted to reach out and punch someone in the face.

and so far, it seems like the biggest target i got to give a black eye

was the teachers' unions.

im curious who is next.

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it always post to the GME deniers, oh so long ago

that told me that GME is a scam and that it will be zero, 'tomorrow'.

that was about 2 years ago.

and then we learned about DRS and many many other things.

and here i sit. watching and waiting.

i own it. its in my name. its not zero.

finks mad

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well. its almost 2023.

my GME is in my name.

its not zero.

it split and i made more money.


and it turns out the best strategy for them, holding the 'short bag'

is to simply not to pay what they owe others.

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the answer is bicycles.

but its fun to watch them all run around like the world is on fire.

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holding pattern

no new purchases

buy assuie gold if you think your cash assets are devaluing too quickly

and i dont fucking mean pay some broker to say that some jew bank has your gold

i mean go fucking buy it and fucking touch it.


buy some bitcoin. put it on your own digital wallet and hope for the best

and if you want some failure porn. go look at some of the purchase histories in seattle.

house purchased in April 2022: 1M+
current house sale price: 700K


imagining thinking a 1M 2br 2ba was a steal and then losing some 300k in value in a few months... with the value STILL plummetting.

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Gamestop Corporation - Class A As of November 4, 2022 • 4:00 PM EDT NYSE: GME 26.51USD+0.22(0.84%)

fucking lol

its supposed to be zero, im told.


better hurry up! its almost 2023!

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so you all got 100k in there or what?

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despite global fucking recession.

-2k on PHUN tho. womp womp womp

mortgages went from 2+% to over 6% in about two years.

fucking shitpants leading us all into ANOTHER housing apocalypse.

home builders in my area knocks off 100k to their 500k build plans.

fucking lol. homes are overpriced already AND mortage rates tripled in TWO years.

consumer spending and confidence at historic lows.

so then...

biden blows up the pipeline and sends more money to ukraine.

fucking lol

its gonna be a bumpy ride, all the way to the bottom.

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nah. my positions are solid.

most everything is on sale now. ford, google. you name it.

the issue is people no longer care to invest and thereby
are taking their money out for other things.

like groceries, bullets and generators.

i tried to tell people that while 5000 invested is a good idea.

so is having someone drill a well on your property.

i think, with shitpants and his crew wanting WW3...

bill gates conveying he thinks a civil war is coming...

people are preparing for the worst

and that usually means being mostly liquid.

by Cuzzo
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Software As A Service is the mark of the beast.

i would argue that adobe, as a brand, is one of the most reviled.

and kids today dont know of or use adobe directly, on their phones.

like oracle. im sure there are great technologies hidden there.

but mostly its going to the big servers and 'freebies' whilst data/ad-driven

adobe failed to position itself there, and they had money and time to do it.

they are now, at best, a doll for apple fanbois to play with...

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whatever gets me into another house.

i need to see some REAL devaluations here!

i need these bubbles to POP POP POP!

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dunno what fuckery is going on.

might be forced to liquidate...

i get this message asking me to sell my shares at 10. lol

lol its been floating mid-20s...


once again. someone out there is upset that someone like me simply owns the stock...

i have money. i didnt care to make money off DWAC.

the POINT was to faciliate the merger and make a solid base for Truth et al.

and now someone wants to extend the merger?

to what end?

someone at DWAC trying to pump and dump before the merger forcing
DWAC shares to be TMTG shares?

so i say again. i didnt need the money...

if my shares become TMTG. cool.

like GME i guess its supposed to plummet to ZERO, when the globohomos and libtards write articles saying so.

by Cuzzo
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ah the stress of losing billions of investor's money...

by Cuzzo
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i cross the country a couple times a year and all i see are 'Hiring" signs.

if no one is working or the 'basic' jobs cant find workers.

im curious where they all live? in each other's closets?

i think people are just holding out till they can move.

the migration of workers and housing being tied to one another...

in this county, the city has already been trying to curb, ever increasing rent prices.

cus people are coming here in record numbers...

but if people are willing to come and pay these prices. then thats the market.

it looks like the migration pattern is pointing to sunny states that dont have
ridiculous regulations...

the retirees here are selling their basic beach 3br 2ba for nearly 800k hoping
that can step up to a 1+million beach home...

its absurd but somewhat predictable in that this place now has ridiculous job growth (space-defense)

im close to closing on properties here and hoping to find a few more gems
so far. they instantly get rented out.

seemingly. everything is 'on sale' so to speak.

so folks coming here for jobs will probably save and hold out till rates drop

by Cuzzo
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billions 'cooling' in real estate means nothing

when the Shart in Office is spending TRILLIONS

i talk to the developers all the time and they say shit like

it takes 2 months to get windows... counter tops...

if you want a house built. it will take about ~1.5 years to get it.

coupled to the rate hike. people are 'cooling' their plans to move.

ive been tracking price cuts in hot markets as well.

not for lack of desire on a buyers part.

but cus the rates, mainly.

so therein, if someone has the means and time to move. they will.

seemingly people in places like jackson ms are still fucked.

so they just blame white people.

that seems to be the raison du jour lately

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