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Thats kinda the only play.

I do not see how the fed starts to taper. It would implode the market.

We are going to get another 2 years of the fed printers going BRRRRR.

Insane inflation, and a good crypto years.

But this Chyna stuff could really damper shit. It is 100% reasonable that once chyna's digital juan is fully up and running that they are going to force everyone onto it.

They do not want political decedents hiding wealth. They want full control of everyone and if your social score is to low then they turn it off.

So Chyna will ban crypto at some point. That is a huge amount of money no longer active.

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Yup buying and holding physical metals is totally a retard move guys. Dont do it!

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Ya if you cannot defend your self your shit is someone elses. Silver is great to have to barter in same crazy scenario that the world falls apart.

But silver is also great to have because 75% of its yearly production is used in tech. A decent amount in solar panels. If the world is going green our usage of silver is going to increase.

So if retail starts holding lots of silver and forces the price up then Big Industry is going to pay whatever for the silver to keep the solar panel production going further forcing the price up.

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Chyna also has a HUGE electronics Industry as well as solar panels that need a lot of silver.

Silver is special because most of it goes into tech.

Global production of silver is just barely meeting demand. Start to throw in people holding coins and silver does really well.

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Ya I would be too.

Unless you have to there is never a reason to sell. Just keep holding and buying the dips.

Maybe not so much bitcoin anymore, but ADA ill buy every dip for sure.

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Doing the transaction wirelessly still would not effect the ledger though. I guess you could manipulate someones packet so that the transaction points to a different wallet. But thats just fraud....

Ya governments are terrified of crypto they have no ability to wipe your account clean. Especially chyna they want to ability to squash any sort of political descent. They want everyones wealth at their finger tips so your must obey.

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Also pro tip.

Musk bought btc around 48k. Musk sold 10% of their BTC at like 55k.

10% x 55k = 25% of TSLA profit in Q1.

If BTC continues its decline imagine how red his books are going to be when:

90% x 30k.

We are talking -300% red books.