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Bitcoin benefits from a massive first mover position in a new asset class. It's been compromised and other coins solve problems waaaay better and cheaper, and will vastly out maneuver it over time. But Bitcoin isn't going anywhere except up for a few more years, so we should enjoy the ride while it maintains dominance.

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Definitely true, and I'd bet there aren't many people surfing around a .WIN who don't think your observation on data is gospel.

As I understand things, decades ago we began to reach the limits of what science could speak about regarding things like the Big Bang Singularity where physics breaks down. Hence, a whole lot of philosophy has filled the space until someone comes up with a credible way to advance the science again.

It's only fair of me to remark that I have zero qualification so far as physics or chem, whatsoever. The best I can say is that I've spent time interacting with people who do.

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We're still stuck in a philosophy rut, cosmologically speaking. Yes?

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Please let this be real.

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Haven't you heard? Capitalism is white supremacy hate speech male privilege, and stuff.

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Now this, and undoubtedly more will follow:

(source) Meanwhile, TD Ameritrade told customers that the firm is blocking some trades for AMC, Gamestop, and certain securities.

“We made these decisions out of an abundance of caution amid unprecedented market conditions and other factors,” read a notification from TD, according to the Wall Street Journal.