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Ah, ok this makes a lot more sense.

They found a way to give people book deals without that whole pesky part of having to farm out the job of writing a book.

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I'm still not real clear on what an NFT is or what makes it worth anything.

Why do I need an NFT or to buy anything when there are literally a million copies of the original floating around. What good does it do anyone?

I get it if you're setting up an NFT or something before ever releasing it and now its the only one that can exist or something; but even thats not possible so not really sure what the fuck the point in these nfts are...

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Not if you didn't get in back when it was ~10 per share

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So, I understand your stance, you put in a couple hundred and if you make something you make something you're sending a message.

But what happens after friday when they are bankrupt? Everyone has stocks that aren't actually worth $300-$5000 and no one will buy them?