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Also, my pews, knives, physical gold and silver mostly came from fb raffles. I also like to gamble so it’s given me something to do for fun (though I’m sure I would likely have been better of just buying from apmex, or JM bullion

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First - beautiful coin! I’m glad I ventured over here for a minute. P.w was bringing me down.

I’m in the securities business. If that industry sucks, not only do my investments go down but generally so does my income, by a lot. By instinct, luck or some other force, I’m allocated app. 25% stocks, 45% residential real estate, and the remainder in guns, ammo, gold, silver and custom knives. I realize custom knives aren’t likely to be that valuable in a shtf situation so have Widdled those holdings down considerably in last year. I’ve just kept my favorite 20 or so.

Any thoughts on this logic? I just re-fi’ed my current house after it appreciated ~25% in the last year and my rental probably didn’t go up that much but we have great tenants that want to buy it in the coming twelve months (contractually). Also, my wife sells food and as long as they are operating, we can live off of her samples (would be gross but not undoable). What am I missing?

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Besides AMC, any other stocks on the radar?

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This is my first time looks at wsb. What should I expect here? My young kid told me last week that doge was gonna pop. I was like “I’m not buying that and neither are you”. Is it possible to get the herd scoop here or would I have to go back to commie Reddit to do that? Cuz I’m not doing that.