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Can someone explain what these numbers mean to a fellow retard who wants to be less.. (more?)... retarded?

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Saw all the mainstream news pushing silver and how high it was pre market. Put in a stop order in case it started tanking so that I'd still make a lot. Price fell way below the stop order and it didn't execute. Immediately market sold it while I was still up 15%

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Bought AG Friday, sold today for big profit. Used profit to buy more GME ?

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Only have RH for now waiting on E-Trade to approve me, but got some SLV and AG before the restrictions

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AG is miners. It'll go up when the price of silver goes up, but physical silver (i.e. SLV and PSLV) needs the pump to make them all go up.

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Dogecoin is just a distraction, GME or bust!