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JFC DAFUQ DRUGS these dumbshites shootin up wit that idiotic bs. ROFLMAO SMDH MATES :D

love_and_peace 1 point ago +1 / -0

I would've become a multi-millionaire if I kept my Doge. I was tempted to buy-back in and made a two-button meme for buying 1 million vs 5 million Doge when it was ~.0035 right before its massive pump, but never executed on that(I actually could have afforded a much larger position too). I told everyone that 5-8 cents would be a good buy price while it was .60+. And I re-iterated that on reddit when it was about .06 and then pump to .15 cents.

DOGE is one of the few coins without a shady past. It doesn't have some fancy attribute, it just works. Before the last BTC halving, DOGE's inflation rate was lower. I think it's around 3%, and it decreases every year. Although, realistically, a huge number of DOGE is forever lost, so in real terms it's inflation is higher.