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What are your predictions for the election?

How would the results effect the markets?

Can you suggest some plays? If this then that. If DemoKKKrats/Republicans with House/Senate then buy/sell ticker ###

If demoKKKrats maintain 50 or more senate seats then?

If Republicans win majority in both house and senate then what?

Or is this economy fucked regardless?

I hate most corporations but need to invest money I already have in a 401K

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holding pattern

no new purchases

buy assuie gold if you think your cash assets are devaluing too quickly

and i dont fucking mean pay some broker to say that some jew bank has your gold

i mean go fucking buy it and fucking touch it.


buy some bitcoin. put it on your own digital wallet and hope for the best

and if you want some failure porn. go look at some of the purchase histories in seattle.

house purchased in April 2022: 1M+
current house sale price: 700K


imagining thinking a 1M 2br 2ba was a steal and then losing some 300k in value in a few months... with the value STILL plummetting.