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Why does no one talk about the low quality of content on Netflix platform. Goes for Disney, too.

No one even ASKS if it could be the content.

I promise, it is the low quality content that is costing users. I believe this is verified by the fact that no even mentions it.

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Other Questions: Why are they really dragging their feet on "cracking down on password sharing?" Would a crackdown really Help them, like everyone suggests?

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What would you consider high-quality content?

Cuzzo [S] 2 points ago +2 / -0

Content that stands alone without being subject to consideration of the whims of the day. Classic is good, New Wave is just that, a wave.

I am not getting specific because I think the quality issues are many and multi-faceted--relating for example to appropriateness of children's content and lack of character/plot development in adult programming.

New content lacks artistic quality that used to be a hallmark of Western media. All media today seems to be about agendas, while the best Art is created for its own sake. Not to say that heavily thematic Art cannot be good, but its hard to maintain artistic quality when artistic quality is not your primary end in a free marketplace of ideas.

ScreaminMime 3 points ago +3 / -0

If only there was some kind of Free Market System where you could support the type of service that provides what YOU consider quality and not HAVE TO PAY for something that doesn't suit your subjective opinion...