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these things, even the actual trigger, will not start MOASS off instantly. There's still a lag between the margin calls coming in, then moving towards liquidation, then finally the forced repurchasing that exerts all that irresistable buying pressure

even all the call options expiring ITM don't potentially make a difference in buying pressure until T+2, if they don't just become FTDs or synthetics by MM exception naked shorting

BOTTOM TEXT. AND TF DRUGS reditard DUMBSHITES ON wit cringe bs. ROFL smh :D

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reditards bitchin bout downvotes ROFL. this guy whinin "Love how I get downvoted. I think if something like this doesn’t get extended it will start to make things fall apart over time faster. Maybe why the Chinese just injected like 5 Trillion into their economy to help prop it up. But obviously I’m just retarded. I like to hold my money. " ROFL TF is that bs :D ROFL SMDH :D