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The Public Cure For COVID SARS-COV-2 Is Reconnect With Nature Earth

There are many “cure” for the COVID, but what is the “public” cure solution is another question. There is always a meaning/reason behind the name. First you need to remember it was call as new corona virus NCOV, then become COVID and finally the name is SARS-COV-2.

What the hell to do with “SARS” here, is there any connection? Well, we need to lock back history and how did the SARS-1 got “cured” and disappeared.

The “cure” for SARS-1 in the mainstream media was open window and stop air conditional machine. Or in short is disconnect the technology world and reconnecting back with mother nature Earth environment.

So the “public cure” for the SARS-COV-2 you should see in the mainstream media in the future must be similar to SARS-1 but at higher level. What are the higher level? Well, it is up to each people knowledge and wisdom. All I can share and do now is giving you that hint.

Remember there is no free lunch, no reward for solution so I won’t share here for free. If any “secret controller” or “big group” or the authority want the solution, knowledge wisdom, they must ask me directly.

Best Regard, The Savior The Illusion Cyber Group

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