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A New Equal Fair International Money System Must Be Similar With Domestic International Flights Original Source, Other Godlike Articles: illusioncyber . wordpress . com

Do you see how “fair” of the current international aviation flight system? Nation are freely to block/restrict other fights from any nations at any time without any permission needed from any other nations.

Look back with the current financial system, how can the USA allowed to sanction North Korea, Iran. If the United States do not want to trade with those nations for any nations, then they should only allow to it for themselves, while other nations like China, Russia may still want to trade with Iran, North Korea. So the current international monetary system is totally a mess and must change.

If want to have a new system that “satisfy” all nations, first we must have 2 separate systems: domestic and international monetary system.

The domestic is the one up to each local national authority government. While the international system must up to the whole world.

A fair international money system should like this: It will totally based on trusted and co-operation between nations/people from around the world. – Minimum base rate: 1 or or 5 or 10 or 100 or 1000 (the choice is up to each nations). – Average 1 person value: if base rate is 1 then it could be 3000 or 5000 or any amount (the annually global export trading is about 20 trillion for nearly 8 billion people as of 2020s). So the maximum money each nation allowed to have in new international system will equal their total population x the average 1 person value. – How money be inserted and give to the society, public people: up to each local national government but it must be open, transparency for the people and other nations know. Few options like:

  • All people will receive same amount of money equal the average 1 personal value.
  • All people will receive a fair chance of “draw/cash out” like lottery style from 1 to 1 million.
  • Government will sell it for the people with the rate they want (exchange with local currency).
  • Gift through competition or any work tasks. Etc. It is totally up to each local nation government.

– Exchange rate between international notes: will up to each nation government too. Option 1: No exchange rate, all are equal because each nations have the maximum amount of money they can printed so if they cannot buy new products/services when they are running out of money.

Option 2: Exchange rate will be decided by some fixed formula very weekly or monthly or yearly. An example is if nation have net export <0 then the currency value will below the base rate of 1:1 with nation have net export >= 0.

Option 3: Exchange rate will be decided by the central bank/authority top government like in the current system.

Option 4: Exchange rate will be decided by real supply demand of real good/products produced/shipped from the public people and will change it daily/weekly/monthly.

That is some option and each nation will freely to choose from.

– Exchange rate with the local national currency: will totally up to each nations. – Any special other special rules/permission: up to each nation government.

Above are the great example of how the new fair international money system look like. All nations are equal, and free to choice what they think is “best” for them and their people. This money system is backed by the people, not by any stupid silver, gold, oil, gas.

So I have shared all the solution and ideas to the public for free already. But if any of you want to use it for public, you guys must receive the permission from me the Savior Messiah Buddha.

Best Regard, The Savior The Illusion Cyber Group

Original Source, Other Godlike Articles: illusioncyber . wordpress . com

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