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Frog44Man 5 points ago +5 / -0

Anyone else notice the website layout change, on the same day as the truth social launch date? 🤔

__bryan 5 points ago +5 / -0

My DWAC is down a little from yesterday. But it's still above what I originally paid.

The stock market is one of the most confusing damn things I've ever seen. I feel like I'm going to lose 99% of everything I put into it just learning from my mistakes.

wantstogomoon 4 points ago +4 / -0

President Trump said: Nothing can stop what is coming. I estimate this stock over the next 2-4 years to easily surpass 1000 USD., easily if not more. He is going to be pulling conservatives away from other platforms, streaming good and clean shows as well as eliminating censorship.

They pissed off the bull and now they are gonna get the HORNS!

Kekistan_United 3 points ago +3 / -0

i bought in the low teens; lols

MajorClark 3 points ago +3 / -0

Launch date Feb. 21, 2022. Get your stocks now.

deleted 1 point ago +1 / -0
TallestSkil -3 points ago +3 / -6

If it’s not perpetually DDoS’d until it’s taken down for good a month later, I will be very disappointed.

__bryan 4 points ago +4 / -0

So was the .win stuff, and they got by somehow. I guess there is a solution for it or else those anonymous hacker kids would just take down sites they don't like all the time.

wantstogomoon 3 points ago +3 / -0

I think that President Trump and his creation will have a very solid and robust infrastructure that will be able to withstand DDoS attacks. He knows it will come at him and from what I have seen from him in the past, he is always prepared and one step ahead of his enemies.

__bryan 3 points ago +3 / -0

Yeah managing ddos is just a matter of paying for a service to block the bots these days. It's all been figured out a while back. Mom and pop sites can get a ddos, but not a big business, because they can afford to pay the service.