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I went through the whole process to make an NFT- learned alot. Not the easiest process but not super hard. I made it with my kids drawings. Who knows- weirder things have sold. Ive put zero promotion behind it and havent posted it anywhere else. Do you guys have any thoughts on marketing NFTs or are we strictly stocks here?? - this is the collection

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Nice work. Would you mind sharing the process for those that have no clue about the method, hurdles and legal requirements?

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For sure! Heres what I did..

  1. Created MetaMask wallet (pretty simple- you could also use coinbase wallet)
  2. Added ETH to it (you can buy directly or transfer from another wallet - this was pretty expensive because of gas fees)
  3. I connected the wallet to Opensea (click sign up and follow prompts)
  4. Uploaded artwork
  5. Paid one time fee to mint the artwork (this costs at least $250- but is the only cost)
  6. Added title/descriptions/cost/royalties to artwork
  7. Clicked "Sell"

At this point I need to market the artwork but without a built in base- this is most likely the most difficult part.

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Thank you very much!

I'm going to save this for a future local business idea.

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Good luck!

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bruv tfw u gotta work thru redirect extension forcuriosity on some shit that dont do it TOP KEK

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Those are pretty awesome but the prices are nuts lol