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Winged_Splinter 1 point ago +1 / -0

I said a wallet locked behind a pgp encryption isn't possible to steal. Not having your wallet secure is stupid as it's digital and subject to sniffing. Since you apparently only seek out bad news to read about bitcoin, I'm going to go ahead and assume you're not aware of a lot of the new lock features of some wallets that you literally need the device it was registered on to even access the wallet.

Whether it's the future or not remains to be seen, but it is a real current and it's not going away. I will admit that nothing is 100% secure, but when you know how do to the hacking methods, you understand how to protect yourself.

Dualkalibur 1 point ago +1 / -0

No, I don’t only seek out the bad news. I love tech, been water cooling my pcs since 2001, building and running my own game servers, etc. I just won’t jump on the bitcoin bandwagon and don’t like when people tout it as a super secure impossible to trace or hack currency. It’s not. Sure you can take steps and add security, but the second you use it online as it was intended, you have to be even more careful. People need to know the downfalls and what to avoid and how to protect themselves, but to assume Average Joe Q Public can and will do all that is a stretch. Having your wallet encrypted with a specific device is great. Until that device glitches out, breaks, etc. I had a laptop with a finger print scanner that you could use to do your passwords with a swipe of your finger. Worked great! Until the day it didn’t. And then any password I hadn’t wrote down somewhere was lost to the void. Luckily nothing of real value was lost there and a valuable lesson was learned for cheap. If someone gets into your account and messed with the funds, you can talk to your bank. If someone messes with your credit card you call visa or MasterCard. But if someone steals your crypto online what is your recourse? Hope the exchange didn’t disappear overnight, pray they can and will refund their customers? Where is the accountability in a decentralized currency? It’s lacking. And to some of us, that makes it not worth the trouble.