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Winged_Splinter 1 point ago +1 / -0

What in the world is wrong with you people? How this got to using crypto illegally is beyond me. I suppose there are also bunch of new fake millionaires because of crypto.

The US government can't just flip a switch and turn off crypto. You also need to stop pretending like you know every single thing about being anonymous on the web.

No one is talking about illegal shit except you people who seem to be upset about crypto and the only reason you'd be this damn delusional about crypto is because you don't understand it, nor the computer, read some bullshit and now think you are smarter than everyone.

Crypto is real. Its here to stay. It's not easily traced so stop lying. I couldn't care less what some dumb ass article convinced you of the nonsense you're spouting and I sure as shit wouldn't waste my time reading that dribble.

Welcome to the internet where you can find anything to support your narrative. Still doesn't make it true.