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Winged_Splinter 4 points ago +5 / -1

There is nothing dangerous about crypto except not investing in it. What's bad is the dollar is crumbling and our government is doing everything they can devalue it further.

You cannot be serious about crypto being easily traced and controlled. That is the exact opposite of crypto. You don't even have to have a wallet with your name attached to it. You can even wash and bounce coins so many times that even if they were being traced, they'd lose it after the 3rd when it vanishes behind a Linux machine with a VPN+tor+another virtual machine inside the virtual machine.

Try doing that with a bank.

PoopyPatriot1983 1 point ago +3 / -2

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say Bitcoin is not easily traced or controlled.

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Cuzzo 2 points ago +3 / -1

Keep saying this. People act like receipts don't matter. Always have, but now they act like Bitcoin makes them any less important. Like they can show up with 10 million without documentation for where they got it going, I dug it out of the Fishing Hole where I lost my Guns...super legit, now can I be a serious investor? No, you are a crook, playing by rules to which no one agreed.

News flash, no government is going to let you do this long-term. Techrev has some links I think he needs to post on here, so you all can learn, not about the potential for Bitcoin, but about the reality of traceability and control in crypto by governments. Say it all day, but I promise it is easier to catch someone using crypto than cash, ESPECIALLY if they are already after you. Everyone wants to be Scarface until the last scene, and you only get one.

Dualkalibur 2 points ago +3 / -1

This. Internet anonymity is only one misstep away from being blown. To maintain total anonymity online AND buy things requires a lot of extra work, a secure drop location you can sneak in and out of undetected, multiple transactions to try and hide your wallets, etc etc. Having your coins online where you can use them risks having them stolen, or the exchange going tits up like MtGox, having them in offline wallets has its own foibles of hard drives becoming lost, thrown out, damaged, etc etc etc. There is no perfect system, and bitcoin/shitcoins have plenty of flaws. People who are bullish on them always seem to think they have an edge over the government, they have more control over their own money, that their wallets are secure and we’re all fools for not taking our useless fiat and dumping it all into crypto. And yet those of us who haven’t bought a single coin are still buying our groceries at the stores that don’t accept crypto, buying fuel for fiat, paying out electric bills and (way too high) taxes with our dirty pleb cash. Blockchain is interesting tech and has some uses, and more to come. But decentralized currency with no one to turn to when shit goes south will never have 100% adoption by everyone. A nations currency is backed up with a threat of violence and heads that can roll(or at least the scape goats). If you get screwed with crypto cash, oh well. Sucks to be you.

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Winged_Splinter 1 point ago +1 / -0

What in the world is wrong with you people? How this got to using crypto illegally is beyond me. I suppose there are also bunch of new fake millionaires because of crypto.

The US government can't just flip a switch and turn off crypto. You also need to stop pretending like you know every single thing about being anonymous on the web.

No one is talking about illegal shit except you people who seem to be upset about crypto and the only reason you'd be this damn delusional about crypto is because you don't understand it, nor the computer, read some bullshit and now think you are smarter than everyone.

Crypto is real. Its here to stay. It's not easily traced so stop lying. I couldn't care less what some dumb ass article convinced you of the nonsense you're spouting and I sure as shit wouldn't waste my time reading that dribble.

Welcome to the internet where you can find anything to support your narrative. Still doesn't make it true.