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ACcording to the small print the communist bill will target defi and everything else too. Not sure how that will realistically work, but yeah.

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Not possible. Everything is off the books and designed specifically to ensure anonymity. It would be costly prohibitive to track every person and their transactions. Plus the feds aren't that bright to begin with. Evil, yes. Smart, def not.

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the only way they could get an actual digital wallet is if the owner

tells them under duress. both the location and its keys.

double lol.

which im sure is coming as well.

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I have already begun moving money into DEXes with this in mind. Its easy steady money gor staking and trades.

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I like Pancakeswap the best so far since returns are high and risk is low. Ive used it just for trading too when needed and fees are very reasonable. Usually like $0.60 a trade or so.

PancakeBunny is good if you want to do both Cake and other combination revenue pools. Theres tons others too.

Pancakeswap I believe had some issues in the past with their syrup trades but those seem to be worked out now. Uniswap and Sushiswap and places are really good too but since they do most all trades with ETH, fees are insanely high ($35-$70) depending on time of day or day of week.

Also if you're trying to get some newer tokens, DEXs are usually the only way to get in on the action as most CEXs wont handle them for a while.

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The LP Pools are a bit more tricky. Syrup Pools are pretty much straight staking to fuel the trades. LPs are designed to fun other crypto trades. Like converting to Tether or something. They are a lot more risky especially if you put in on some 300% APR LP because a lot of those high APRs are mainly newer and unknown cryptos. They can drop at a moment's notice and you can lose a ton of money.

Same with syrup pools when you stake on cryptos that are relatively unknown.

I had read an article stating Binance had infused Pancakeswap with $10M in capital because they were pushing the BNB Binance tokens for use in fees.

My advice is to stick to cryptos you know. Also don't put all your eggs in one basket. Spread out your investments. If something crashes and you lose, you don't want to lose everything.

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Is anyone trying the "wash sale" loophole?

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Teach me