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What would be the best way to prepare ahead of time, or protect one's assets?

Crypto? Cash? Physical metals?..... something else?

And what possible tax consequences could exist for someone who takes their money off the grid so to speak, by some method?

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heres some tips...

i have mutliple cars, they are 'owned' by my LLC out of montana.

the only thing on file at that LLC could show points to me, is an address

that address is a rental of mine, in another state. that mail is forwarded to me via my renters, at my cost.

if i were not lazy, i would slowly move most of my things into a private holding or delist my name on assets, into private holdings.

if some entity were to go and look to try to 'seize' my things. they would find my name on very few things.

honestly, we cant go crypto, fast enough. fuck all these clowns.


one wonders how one of the co-founders of facebook was able to shaft the IRS out of about 700millionUSD...

the other method would likely be to cash out most of it, and put it with someone you trust but unrelated to you...

in another country

Hanging_Chad 6 points ago +6 / -0


Wow, that's more than what Zuckerberg paid to rig the election

Kekistan_United 6 points ago +6 / -0

ol' boy, co-founder, claimed he was brazillian (mostly true) and denounced US-citizenry before the IPO went public.

i think he is a dual citizen in singapore now, where likely, his investment is now x10 (x20?) by not dealing with a US-rigged system.

cashed out of the bullshit and never looked back.

bro is my HERO

The247 1 point ago +1 / -0

That's pretty cool actually. You can keep your US citizenship if you move to Puerto Rico and check their boxes. Works like a charm for crypto. Gets you completely out of the US tax system. No income tax, no (new) capital gains taxes. It's a slick deal.

Kekistan_United 1 point ago +1 / -0

the 'banana' plan