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With Quantum Computers becoming more advanced (and even becoming commercially available) where will that lead crypto currency and how will it benefit these currencies positively?

What are some of the positives that can come from the computing capabilities of Quantum Computers and is there, perhaps, anything that may need to be done to balance the playing field without limiting people's freedom and autonomy when it comes to mining, security, and transactions?

The best case scenarios likely include a focus on the above elements to ensure the most ease and grace regarding crypto use, doesn’t hinder anyone, and actually boosts the aspect of freedom which cypto currencies permit.

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Quantum computing is something that various eggheads assert will become a viable technology if eggheads are given another few billion in funding.

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Quantum computers are currently barely capable of basic arithmetic. They will have no impact on anything for at least a decade or two, by which time quantum proof algos will be common.

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  • chyna has the record for the longest quantum encrypted signal sent; several hundred miles

  • chyna has banned crypto mining

many many many of you think its all hocum.

and you are free to believe anything you wish

just saving billions in losses to fraud is enough for them to invest in it.

many of you think Brave New World is a quaint story about some guy who lost his mind...

i am completely consigned to watch the world burn

there are many books by dystopian writers that are coming to fruition.

much of the world now feels like a snippet from virtual light