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If the broader market goes down, will GME still moon? I have very, VERY little karma on r/ since I'm new, so I can't post my questions there.

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presumbly. if the market tanks, big players start to get their own money, shored-up

in this case, banks start to say 'you need to pay up, immediately'

and everyone that owes someone/something is going to get their wallets squeezed.

and since presumably, most of the citizens in the US are in debt up to their eye-balls,

this means eventually there is a reset of some sort...

back when chyna had this happen, they simply turned back the clock
so people couldnt run to cash out of their investments...

in the case of GME, presumably, some group is going to say

"ok, time is up, i want my shares back, as of such and such date"

and then it becomes a ticking time bomb

as they all scramble to find the tens of billions they need in liquid to
either kick that can down the road [as they are doing now]


get big daddy govt to say 'nope. its over, everyone go home. im resetting it all'

as an agent of chaos / paranoid prepper i am stocked up on 'needs'.

all my 'wants' are in a basket that i didnt care to burn or otherwise.

and as such, if a move like that is taken,

one wonders how people like me act, when i have nothing left to lose...


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Makes sense. Thanks.

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If the market tanks, then we enter a depressionary cycle, money gets tight, and prices start collapsing (like they did in April 2020).

This is why I never pay to speculate.

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If the market tanks it gets harder for SHFs to meet margin requirements which means MOASS

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What is moass

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Mother of all short squeezes. GME becomes worth potentially millions

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If the broader market tanks

I don't think you comprehend just how much money printer go brrrrrrrrr.

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Yes, but also no.

As long as they have the ability to meet their margin calls, they will not be liquidated. Once they fail and liquidation begins, the general market will tank as ALL of their market assets are sold off to begin the process of paying off and closing their short position(s). This will cause a cascade effect as the price skyrockets while the broader market tanks, causing other players to be unable to meet their margin requirements and thus also be liquidated. There is a high probability that this is why mainline crypto has been tanking and shitcoins have been undergoing severe pump and dumps for the past couple months.

TL;DR - Buy, HODL, support the store.

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Helpful. Thanks.

Pbman 5 points ago +6 / -1

Gme has a negative beta it moons when the market tanks.

You can post with zero karma on the new sight,r/gmejungle or the original r/gme.

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Icepck -1 points ago +1 / -2

Gme already covered the shorts from what I can tell.

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Black swan event-once in a lifetime. go read the DD posts on r/GME

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I've read plenty on it but nobody seems to acknowledge that the shorts were covered.

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Shorts were not covered,they have lots of ways to hide it.

The fundamentals of the company are very strong now they have no debt and 1.9 billion in the bank?

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Also: Why would they be manipulating it so much and telling us to forget about it if they did cover?