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For those who don't know about the project, Revolution Populi aims to dethrone Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

From their website, they aim to do this through:

Blockchain: "A decentralized blockchain database with user controls."

DeFi & Crypto Clearing: "Crypto clearing, with yield generating settlements."

Community: "An open ecosystem for apps, from social to games to financial."

Platform for Social Nets: "Blockchain compatible open source social net components for multiple social nets to bloom."

What gives me more faith in this project is that it isn't like any other crypto on the market out there at the moment. It is a crypto with a purpose, that of an intermediary clearing house between the world of cryptos, and traditional banking.

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GilaMonsterous 2 points ago +2 / -0

This looks kinda interesting, though I'm very new to the whole cryptocurrency thing. Tempted to drop 20$ on it just to see where it goes.

Kekistan_United 1 point ago +1 / -0

i like the premise.

i only trust those like satoshi.

anything you do that might actually change how the current world works, gets you killed

its that simple.

if somesone omorrow, hypothetically and arbitrarily, released a 'magical' app

that was decentralized, quantum secured and worked on every simple device

whilst allowing humans to trade and pay each other with no middle man

you would find yourself, literally, at the center of the next world war.

it would start slow.

people who are self-sufficient would be out already

then bit by bit, people would find they dont need to pay taxes.

then the only way to get taxation, would be to be at the ltierall NFC exhange of
crypto between two parties, at their exact location and time of exchange...

billions of exchanges a day...

when something becomes convenient for US and not THEM

you can be sure theres going to be blood

Qanaut [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0

I agree that it will be hugely unpopular with the Global Cabal. The team of people behind this is what gives me hope that this will not simply be snuffed out and buried six feet under.

From their website, we've got:

Dr. David Gelernter Chief Visionary Officer A seminal figure in distributed and parallel computing and a Professor of Computer Science at Yale University –

**Rob Rosenthal Chief Executive Officer A 19 year veteran of Goldman Sachs who led design and implementation for complex trading technologies across global financial products –

Dr. Paolo Coppola Co-Founder Entrepreneur, physician, engineer, and Academy Award winning film producer, who co-founded STAT-Health Urgent Care systems –

Todd Aydelotte Co-Founder One of the nation’s leading technology marketers who has managed global campaigns for an array of premiere brands –

Gary Chan Managing Director JP Morgan - Clearing House Advisor Gary is Global Head of Operations and CEO of Digital & Platform Services at JP Morgan. Gary also serves JP as a senior blockchain advisor for initiatives such as intra-day repo settlements and CBDCs. –

As someone on the Discord chat put it; you don't assemble the avengers to get a kitten out of a tree. We can be certain of one thing with this project, these founders are serious about what they intend. They have reached that point in their life where they each could retire quietly to a tropical island and live the rest of their lives in peace and quiet. That they have decided to each stake millions of dollars on this project tells me that they are not joking around.

Also, some have voiced concerns regarding Gary Chan's dealings with JP Morgan, or Rob Rosenthal's wok with Goldman Sachs, but I see this as a positive sign. If Revolution Populi can manage to execute their vision of a decentralized social network, while also building a bridge between crypto currencies and traditional banking, they may take a lot of the heat off of them that otherwise would have been there. If RVP manages to partner with either Goldman Sachs, or JP Morgan, that will be a very big deal. One of the goals of RVP is to build a crypto clearing house, so this could be a very real possibility; one that would lend RVP great credibility in the market.

Kekistan_United 2 points ago +2 / -0

i see you; concur