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I know this isn't a Wall Street investment, it's a main street investment .. but I gotta ask anywhere and everywhere I can. This is an opportunity my wife and I have to go all in for and need the right, like-minded person(s) we can work with to make this happen.

Does anyone know acquisition investors that I can engage to purchase a well established, household name company in hemp consumables industry? Will reach $6m-$10m eoy revenue. My buy in is $2m, and I will have a royalty agreement to pay off the rest in a seller finance deal. I will triple this in 18 months.

Guidance and direction is greatly appreciated. Thank you

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why thc when you can gme

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Because one will still be making me money in 18 months. Whereas the other will plateau and act as an interest free savings account. Plus, I get to hire and feed unlimited people owning a company.

I would create a mobile Shark Tank from small town to town investing in people if I were the billionaire like Mr Wonderful and the rest

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thats nonsense, as is the phrase 'hemp consumable'