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Some people say hold, and it is going to the Moon. But when to exit? I try to give a rational exit strategy, so every ape will win.

  1. Discussion of HODL.

When this is said, it is undefined, how long one ape should hold. To the peak of the squeeze at the best. But how do you know what the peak is? The problem here, if you hold on, you might miss the squeeze, because after the peak, when shorts have settled, the shares will go down at an unbelievable speed. You might loose and end up at the bottom. I doubt if you can do it by setting stop losses. They might be overrun.

  1. A possible Solution (game theory)

Every ape wants to win money. But to win, you have to sell when you are in plus. I suggest, that if every ape follows this simple rule it will be the best for all as a population of apes and still possible to gain more for risk takers:

a) Do not sell any share until 50% of your shares have doubled. That means if you sell 1/2 of your assets, you will loose nothing and still are in the game.

b) Do this rule with the rest of your assets from the new base.

This way if you are a risk taker, you can hold as long as you want, but others who cannot take risks as you, can get a return of investment on the way up. And, we do not have to know the peak, and still run safely.

What do you think, my fellow apes?

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I hear your argument. But now pls. tell me when exactly to sell?

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You have to make that assessment for yourself. It’s your money, your assets, your risk.

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Hold until citadel is bankrupt and Kenny g is on TV crying and snotbubbling.

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I say no matter how high it goes this week, HODL at least until the Arizona forensic audit proves voter fraud.

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Gme moon. Eye on audit!

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I think it's a fair question.

I can't speak for other communities, but in the AMC community, its generally agreed that you shouldn't put in more than you can loose. If you have more than you can loose invested, then you should take what need out. Use common sense here. When I say "take what you need", I mean only sell what you absolutely have to.

If your short rent, then yea, sell enough shares to take care of your responsibilities. Don't sell to buy something trivial like a new Xbox. Be pragmatic in your decision making. Selling shares will effect other Apes, so only do it if you need too! At the same time, its your fucking money, if you need it for something important, no real ape would blame you. Especially if you are under XXXX shares.

If you're family absolutely needs the money then sell, otherwise don't! I get your questions and I've had similar concerns. The bottom line is I'm willing to loose the money I have invested. If you're not willing to do that, then you will never make it to the end of the squeeze. With your mindset, you'll probably sell before it gets to 1k.

This is not financial advice, just my personal thoughts on it. I worry that people will really put their finances on hold to continue to HODL for other apes. Definitely don't do that.

HODL for as long as you can, I believe you will be rewarded if you do

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I think what you wrote is reasonable.

Personally I am not a paperhand. I have held gold and silver for more than 10 years, being laughed at. Now its up. But I am also a self thinker. And I have not heard, that anybody knows where the peak is.

I think, the squeeze has not started yet. The shorts try to divide the apes and offer them other honey pots. But AMC ans GME shorts have been pushed close to the rim by the apes for months. I therefore do suggest HOLD, maybe not all, but a fair amount and send the shorts to the abyss. God help us.

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When the MOASS does start, we will know, that is when we need to watch DFV closely. Half at $69,420.00 (for me) if DFV is banned from Twitter or Reddit at the time. RATIONAL... LOL

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hodl for your grandchildren

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Please clarify 2a.

If someone (like me) bought back in February, lots of my shares have already doubled and as of yesterday, some tripled.

When are you proposing that the clock starts ticking?

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With 2a I mean you for example invested a total of x dollars including all costs. Do not sell one half until your total costs are covered. I would even suggest make a win of at least 20% before selling. so will always have a win

The clock starts ticking for different people at different times. All I am suggesting, get covered, if you want and let hte rest go to the Moon. We will all know, when it really goes up. It will jump.

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