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They could have been saying that to cover themselves from liability or other legal reasons.

I have heard some pretty big numbers mentioned when the bubble bursts.

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Add a few more zeros, and you have my target.

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Retail holds more than the float, by a lot. Even if institutional share holders sold all of their shares at some silly price like $10k, the stock will still continue to squeeze after if retail refuses to sell that low. And since most of those holding understand the board they are playing on, will not be selling below several million.

Hypothetically, if retail refuses to sell enough to get the float below 100%, the price can rise infinitely. So the real question is about the maximum price that can be extrtacted from the mandatory obligation chain.

And since that chain goes HF > Broker > MM > DTCC > FED the answer is, yeah, all the fucking money.

50 million shares x $25 million = 1 Quadrillion dollars.

So yes, but no, but yes. Each share is basically a blank check from the US Government. Write in whatever the fuck you want.

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its just calcuations; at some point, you get 'whats left'

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Important to note, the DTC has a 63 trillion dollar insurance policy. There’s already not enough left, which is why they are kicking the can further down the road. Hence the insurance policy.

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Hence the UFOs. The UFOs will come collect their, um, “collateral” in case of planetary default. I’m only sort of kidding. removes tinfoil hat

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Actually a staged alien invasion is likely as a huge distraction from MOASS, from the audits, and from all the duckery going on everywhere.

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I'm a big believer in gme. I have watch the floor creep up over their,as we get more pissed off.

But I'm not to sure about millions a share.

I suspect they will burn it all down,before they pay that.

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Is It hard to understand that we control all the supply. Demand can rise and we ask anything we want.

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Total currency: $37 trillion in circulation. 1.4 quadrillion in savings.

So.. if the stock reaches $26 million. It would only take 77,000 shares to buy all the currency.

AMC has 470,000,000 shares. Just to put this in perspective. 4.2million a share is all the money.

At most I think we get $50,000,000,000 out of this ... $250,000 a share for retail.

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Currency isn't the factor here. There are plenty of other assets, like stocks and bonds, which can and will be sold to fund obligations. New DTCC rule changes have been written specifically to clarify liquidation proceedings for this event. It's not a meme.

Also, your math is bad try again.

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Rounded a bit. Please chill making fun of my accent.

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Rounded a bit.

26 million x 77,000 = 2 trillion.

2 trillion is not 'all the currency'