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We’d be protecting the 2nd & the economy at the same time

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Smith&Wesson is going pretty strong for me, and the dividend is higher than the APR on my savings account.

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How do I get dividends? Im on robinhood and I just see buy and sell stocks, but I dont see any ways to get payouts in dividends.

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First, get off Robbinghood.

I'm on SoFi, and their system is really bare bones, but dividends will automatically be added as buying power to your invest account, if it's a stock that pays dividends.

There's also a simple yes/no option for dividend reinvestment that uses any dividends to buy more shares of the same company. Unfortunately, that single choice affects your entire portfolio. I wish you could individually manage dividends for each stock, but it's a minor annoyance.

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Hopping on $RGR as soon as there’s a dip

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I had a few bucks in gun stocks. They performed really well. But I liquidated them to buy gme.

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