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So my 2 Mil sell orders and 3 Mil sell order aren't going to hit?

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How might the involvement of Black Rock imact things?

Iā€™m hoping they are smelling blood in the water and looking to help mow down some competition. But could they throw a giant wrench in the works somehow?

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LordCunnart 8 points ago +9 / -1

It's a blank template letter.

As we've seen all through this, what should and could be done to call foul and force a conclusion has been very different to what has actually been done. Nothing..... Too much money in the hands of too many people who's interest is that it just keeps quietly going away, rather than a big public pop that exposes it all. So they will do the same as always: Say nothing wrong happened. Give a hard to understand complex but half logical sounding reason it was not as claimed. Get everyone to look the other way at something new. Negatively label and slander anyone still saying there was an issue. Know that after a few months the vast vast majority of people will forget and won't care and will have moved on.

Then go back to doing it again but now with impunity as it's no longer news worthy and everyone knows only "those crazy internet conspiracy idiots" were involved.

It can't be allowed to expose the system, so it has to quietly go away.

Hey, it can't possibly be that bad and corrupt, or the fairly and duely elected government would have stepped in to ensure there is no impropriety!

And because they haven't stepped in, it must mean there is no impropriety!

Just those crazy internet people making stuff up again.

He look over there, a new covid variant, Russia doing something and umm, Kardashians go to the shops......

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If they had concern about consequences, they'd never have put themselves in this position.

Even so...

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I want to believe that "right"will win!

It's interesting that the outcome of hundreds of billions of dollars and tens and tens of thousands of investors won't be decided by market forces or laws but by a couple of people deciding which billionaires will do well, which ones won't (and how they will be compensated for their loss), who will lose their job and when it will all happen.

At some point someone will say "ok, it's time" and the plan will go into action.

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This seems all too accurate

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Hello time traveler

Feel like I've read that book before

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Looks a little bit further away everyday šŸ¤·šŸ½ā€ā™‚ļø

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Nice. But have they been sent that letter?