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Why? đź‘€

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HighFrequency 1 point ago +1 / -0

Nah. The system does need to be rebooted, though. That is in process.

A lot of weird—and I mean SERIOUSLY, INSANELY WEIRD—stuff is going on. All at once. And it seems to be escalating at an exponential rate. Like EVERYTHING is imploding in slow motion.

Suez Canal blockades (three, so far) are bankrupting insurance giants.

GME is taking out a few corrupt hedgies and exposing to the public how dirty and rigged the system is. I think we had some help with that when the Fed went down just long enough to see GME shoot up, exposing the algorithms they use to manipulate the market. People are seeing the corruption.

Silver will take out the whole corrupt banking system. That snowball is already rolling—its slower than GME, but massive. Central banks are going bye bye. Trump already absorbed The Fed into the Treasury. Russia just booted theirs. Italy and Myanmar on deck. Long list of bankers and CEOs stepping down or dying lately.

I think the market WILL crash, along with BTC (and all Chinese/unregulated crypto) once the 3GD fails. Then XRP and precious metals will skyrocket.

There IS a great reset coming, just not the Klaus Schwab version where we get to be happy about owning nothing. No, this reset works in our favor for a change. Fiat is in the way out in favor of sound money backed by metals. Lots of new tech coming out that will change pretty much everything. Including a new quantum financial system using transparent blockchain.

Im just HODLing, stacking, and peeling my bananas with a big grin.


Ogcarvattack 1 point ago +2 / -1

it is the way.