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I've got my LLC complete but I'm having trouble understanding what entities need to be involved to make this happen. Hoping to learn from someone who has gone before.

It appears that the Polygon network was receiving massive monies from Bankman-Fried through Alameda, the same Polygon network used by Robinhood for their "internal" crypto handling?

Is this correct? Can anyone confirm that?

What do you all think?

What are your predictions for the election?

How would the results effect the markets?

Can you suggest some plays? If this then that. If DemoKKKrats/Republicans with House/Senate then buy/sell ticker ###

If demoKKKrats maintain 50 or more senate seats then?

If Republicans win majority in both house and senate then what?

Or is this economy fucked regardless?

I hate most corporations but need to invest money I already have in a 401K

thank Jesus.

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