I'm trying to leave Chase and want to make sure I'm making a good choice. Thanks!

i NOSEtice that theres not a lot of visitors in orlando-disney.

and by that i mean, no visitors. my 'frens' work the gates and accounts.

summer was abysmal. july4th was a veritable ghost town...

buy disney as it crashes and they likely get bought up by some other
woketarded company, hoping to 'buy at a discount'; probably google or apple

all they had to do was leave the fucking kids alone; but NOOOOOOO.


Libs finally couldn't take Wall Street Silver making the news and grabbed it by the ***** and canned it. New mods busy gutting the place and users. Your thoughts?

How y'all feel about put options?

Just curious, I'm too chickenshit to play the market myself...

so its year 2 or 3? of being told my GME and DWAC would be 0...

any day now... meanwhile in the banking world...

not that i keep up with them.

it was about sending a message.

and so the FDIC list of bank failures

has some of us playing bingo.

whos next?

im unsure if my DRSing of GME added to their fall, but i can hope.

this is that point where officer murphy, as Robocop, realizes the crime rise
was a controlled demolition to reduce housing prices by selective devaluation.

consider the wealthy retard, stephen king.

moved out of maine to:

  • SF
  • Seattle
  • SanDiego
  • Manhattan
  • Vancouver
  • Some private island



if you are poor and renting. i feel ya out there.

best bet would be to rent a storage space and fill it with good shit.

solar diesel ammo tools guns water water water water water toilet paper
medical supplies batteries 12v refrigerator batteries water water diesel
tarps camping supplies paracord water diesel ammo

If you hold shares of BUD, you should sell them all off en mass. They don’t want you as customers. You should not support them.

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